Where can I buy College Inn® Broth?

College Inn® broths are available primarily in the eastern U.S. Many online retailers also offer our broths, including Peapod, Fresh Direct, and Amazon.

What about College Inn® Turkey Broth?

Our turkey broth is a seasonal item—it’s only available from October through December.

How does the new twist-off cap work?

Our new twist-off caps cut the safety seal as you twist to open the package. 

Twist-off cap

Should I add water to the broth?

No, College Inn® Broth is meant to be used undiluted.

Do you have a gluten free variety of broth?

Yes, indeed. The following varieties are gluten free:

  • College Inn® Garden Vegetable Broth
  • College Inn® Organic Beef Broth
  • College Inn® White Wine & Herb Culinary Broth

How long can the product be stored after opening?

We recommend that, once open, you use the broth within 4 to 5 days if it’s refrigerated and 60 days if it’s frozen.

Do any of your broths contain dairy products?

Our beef broth contains milk, and our turkey broth contains milk and eggs. Dairy ingredients, along with allergen information, are listed on the label.

Do you offer any lower sodium options?

We offer two lower sodium varieties for people who are watching their salt intake: Our Fat Free & Lower Sodium Chicken Broth and our Fat Free & Lower Sodium Beef Broth—with about 50% less sodium than the regular versions.

Can the broth be used for a clear liquid diet?

Broths without vegetable ingredients are considered acceptable for people who are on a “clear liquid diet.” These include Chicken Broth, Beef Broth and their lower-sodium varieties.

Are your cans recyclable?

Yes, our cans are made of recyclable steel.

Is College Inn® Broth Kosher?

College Inn® Broth is not certified Kosher.

What is your 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

Please find our 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee linked here