Bootleggers, flagpole sitters, marathon dancers, bobbed hair and rouged knees. Post-World War I America was bold, restless and itching for a party.

In Chicago, celebrities, high society and tourists flocked to the College Inn restaurant in the Hotel Sherman. There, they got their first taste of the devil’s music—otherwise known as jazz—along with the chafing dish specialties of Chef Joe Colton. Chicken shortbread. Lobster Newburg. And College Inn’s famous chicken a la king made with Joe’s secret recipe chicken broth.

The folks at the Sherman had the idea of offering Joe’s dishes in cans at specialty shops and by mail order. And in 1923, homemakers from Poughkeepsie to Portland were putting his chicken a la king on their table and his broth in their recipes.

Well, you can’t go to the College Inn restaurant today—the Hotel Sherman closed in 1973. And most of its line of prepared foods has gone the way of the flapper, with one notable exception.

Joe’s tasty College Inn® Broth is still the cat’s pajamas.